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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will I lose my accent?

You don’t have to lose your accent (unless you want to). After training you will still have an accent, however, speakers of Standard American English will understand you better. Most Americans think accents are charming. Your accent is part of what makes you unique. Accents are not a problem to American listeners unless the accent forces the listener to have to translate what is being said through the accent. If your listener has to strain in order to understand your message, several things can happen:

  • You may be asked to repeat your message.
  •  Your interaction may result in miscommunication.
  • Frustration for both speaker and listener may occur.
  • Your listener will stop listening.
  • Termination of the conversation may occur prematurely.

The good news is: You can maintain your cultural identity and still clearly communicate with confidence in English. Why not give yourself the advantage you deserve? Your next promotion or relationship may depend on it. We can show you how at Better Speech Now! 


What makes foreign accents difficult to understand?

Accented English may be perceived as difficult to understand for the following reasons:

  • The pronunciations of certain vowel and /or consonant sounds in Accented English vary from the pronunciation of the vowels and consonants of Standard American English.
  • Speakers of Accented English sometimes omit sounds that do not naturally occur in their native language.
  • Some speakers of Accented English transfer stress patterns from their native language to English especially in multi-syllabic words. ( Ex. The word “balloon” is pronounced in Standard American English with stress on the 2nd syllable. Some speakers of Accented English may put stress on the 1st syllable)

The good news is: At Better Speech Now, we will help you determine exactly how your pronunciation of English varies from the standard pronunciation of English. We will teach you modification techniques specifically designed to address your particular needs that will allow your pronunciations to more closely resemble that of a speaker of Standard American English.

How hard will it be to change my accent and how long will it take?

Modifying or reducing a foreign accent or even a regional dialect will require dedication on your part. Daily practice and weekly training sessions with a trained professional are required to result in observable improvements in just a few weeks. 

The length of your program (7 to 12 weeks) will be determined by the results of your initial evaluation and analysis. 7 weeks for mild accents and 12 weeks for moderate to heavy accents. 

New speech patterns are not difficult to learn if you know exactly what to work on.

The good news is: At Better Speech Now, our experienced certified Speech Language Pathologist will coach you to Better Speech and clearer more confident communication. 

So why not start … Now !!  

Can you guarantee my success?

No. But you can. Your degree of improvement is directly proportional to the amount of time and energy you are willing to commit to the task of becoming a clearer, more confident communicator. Your level of success in our program will be measured by a comparison of your initial speech evaluation and your final re-evaluation at the conclusion of the training. 

Rule of thumb:

  • No practice. No change.
  • Little practice. Little change.
  • Much practice. Much change

It’s like any other habit. If YOU don’t WANT to change your accent, it will not change. 

The good news is: If YOU are HIGHLY MOTIVATED and willing to put forth the effort, our expertise at Better Speech Now together with your dedication can team up today and begin your journey to success. You can learn to “Communicate with Confidence” and we can help!

Still have questions?

Listen to an example of a selected foreign accent before and after training.