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Accent Modification Service

Better Speech Now is a private practice serving individuals who wish to improve their academic, professional or social communication skills.  Our clients are those who speak English as an additional language as well as native English speakers who wish to modify their regional accents. 

“How It Works”

Better Speech Now uses The Compton P-ESL Method for Accent Modification as its primary instructional tool along with supplementary techniques as dictated by each individual client’s demonstrated need.

The Compton P-ESL program begins with a personal analysis of your speech. This analysis reveals exactly how your pronunciation varies from standard American English and identifies specific areas for concentration. The analysis also assists in determining whether a group or individual course is more appropriate, as well as the number of sessions required. (7 sessions for mild accents, 12 or more sessions for moderate to heavy accents)

A Speech Language Pathologist then teaches you appropriate speech modification techniques, as well as the basic sounds, rhythm, stress and intonation patterns of American English. A course of action is specifically designed for you based on the results of your initial assessment. 

To modify a foreign accent takes a considerable amount of practice outside of the formal sessions offered. To achieve maximum improvement, you must practice at least 1 hour per week using the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification training materials. These materials include a 133-page practice workbook, audio CDs or CD-ROM, which is a unique interactive aid for practicing Compton P-ESL accent modification techniques. 

Upon completion of the course, your speech is analyzed again. The results are then compared to the initial analysis so the extent of your improvement can be determined.

*Information adapted from The Institute of Language and Phonology, Compton P-ESL Program promotional material.