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Before & After accent modification


 "Learning English as a second language can be quite the challenge. I’ve been aware of the difficulties I had working with my accent, however, I was clueless on how to proceed with my desire to improve. After some fortunate posts seen on Reddit, I managed to find the name of the professionals who can help: Speech Pathologists.

When the program began, I had high hopes of what could be accomplished by consulting with an expert. Now that I've completed the program, I can say I've learned so much. It's impressive to visually see the errors being made while talking. Furthermore, the personalization used in the program is critical to understand how to improve. 

Molding the accent is not easy, but with practice things have improved. Just like my current pronunciation habits took time to develop, I understand that my path for complete success will take some time. Nonetheless, I'm excited to know that every time I speak, I hear less and less the accent I used to have!"


-Jorge C.

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